Singing Artist M.I.A. Is Known For Her Wild Music

Singing artist M.I.A. is known for her wild music. It can be on the offensive side. Most people are learning her name after seeing her during the Super Bowl in 2012. Born in South London, England, M.I.A was born Mathangi Arulpragasam. Her love of music came from all the music that would come from some of her neighbor’s flats.

M.I.A.’s first album was Arular in 2005. For this debut album, she actually was mixing music by herself. She later used mix engineers, but still did mixing herself. This album debuted to very positive reviews. Most of the songs written were about experiences her father had in his life. Her second album was Kala, released in 2007. Kala is famous for songs like “Boyz” and “Paper Planes”, which was used in the film Pineapple Express starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. Maya was the third album released by the artist, in the year 2009. Maya featured songs like “Tell Me Why” and “Teqkilla”. The album was a buzz on the internet, a place where word spreads like wildfire.

M.I.A. has won several awards over the last five years. These include Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, Best New Act, Best Original Song, and Best Video, among many other accolades. She has also won two Grammy awards, both were received in 2009 for the songs “Swagga Like Us” and “Paper Planes”.

M.I.A. is a true talent that has built a name for herself. Her lyrics are powerful and relevant to the events happening around the world. She is an activist and philanthropist herself, and so she uses her talent of singing and making great music as an outlet to spread the word about different injustices in the world, including violence and immigration politics, which is a heavy topic for every country in the world.


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Madonna says she’s not happy that M.I.A. made an obscene gesture during the Super Bowl halftime show.
Madonna said on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show Friday that the gesture was pointless and “seemed out of place.” The British hip-hop artist, invited by Madonna to participate in Sunday’s halftime show in front of 114 million people, extended her middle finger to the camera.
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Jessie J – Mixing Music Is Just One Of Her Talents,

Jessie J says the J if for, ” Whatever you want it to.”

She was born Jessica Cornish and at 22 has launched into the status of a pop star on the rise. She has risen all the way to the BRIT Awards 2012, so this looks like it will be her big year for sure. This is partly because of her collaborating with big names like B.o.B. on Universal Republic Records. Jessie J has been collaborating with some of the best artists in sound engineering, mixing music, and live performance in her short career.
The remixing and mixing of her singles has been essential to getting the perfect sound for her voice. She takes an active hand in the actual sound engineering and in mixing music for her albums. Mixing songs is a personal favorite part of the process for Jessie J. She has interests in how the sound engineering applies to the Internet, but also to learn more aboutmixing songs for her huge online fan base.
Mixing music is just one of her talents, soon Jessie J will be showing her stuff to the whole world. She is the unique combination of pop princess and a do it yourself rock star. With 2012 looking bright, Jessie J is sure to be a household word in no time at all.
Although the truth be told, she has had to make her way to the top with a lot of work too. She is nobody special, but about to become bigger than she ever imagined. As Jessie J says it is, ” Just me, my heels, and my microphone.” With her natural talents, learning the art of mixing songs, and the fans awaiting as she tours the world, she clearly is more than that. Jessie J is a force of nature.



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Sherra Blunt was born and raised in San Diego, California (aka) “Dago”. Since a younger years she produced her passion for Hip-Hop, sharpening her lyrical knife on the pavements of East Dago almost all her lifetime. Her many years of producing talked poetry elevated plenty of heart and soul, as well as her keywords becoming really actual and different have transcended the limitations of Beat and even poetry. She graduated from Barbizon Modelling Class in 1986. In 2006-2009 she was in a Television Show generally known as “Tha Gimmie Wreck Show” as a marketer. Her ear for sounds is exceptional and also outstanding. Read her full story in (…)

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